I figure if we're gonna work together on something, it's worth taking a bit of time to explain who I am and what I do. That way I'm not just some nebulous guy on the internet who likes A Cappella a lot.



Music Education and Experience

Starting with piano and singing lessons at age 5, music has always been a part of my life. Singing in the car, playing music at church, you name it. Upon entering high school, I spent all 4 years involved in every single choir that I was eligible for (for some reason they didn't want me in the beginning womens choir), and was in every musical the school put on. High school is also when I started my first A Cappella group, Four Plus Uno, that won our annual talent show my junior year. I started my YouTube channel around that time as well.

Then I went to UC Santa Barbara's College of Computer Engineering for University, and it is there that I joined the men's contemporary A Cappella group, Brothas From Otha Mothas (BFOM for short). I attended LAAF all four years of college, and it is at LAAF 2014 where I first met Bill Hare and got to talking with him about making an album for BFOM. I'd been making YouTube videos for a few years, but being in Bill's studio while he mixed BFOM's album taught me so much, and I can safely say that that was the moment I decided that I wanted to make a career out of professional A Cappella production.

Since then, I've begun working with Bill and Danny Ozment on various projects, and have produced 5 full albums and countless singles on my own as well in the last few years.




I consider every group I work with to be a fellow artist and collaborator. I believe the beauty of A Cappella is how human it is, and every single part of my artistic process reflects that. No harmony should be too tight, no beatboxer should sound too explosive, no soloist should sound too overproduced. The elegant, minimalist nature of A Cappella is what makes it so effective, and it is my utmost goal to preserve and be mindful of that in every step of creation, from inception to delivery. It is my promise to allow the nuanced imperfections and uniqueness of each voice to shine through, while still creating music that sounds truly excellent and pristine.



Equipment and Workflow

For Recording and Mixing I use Pro Tools 12, and for Editing I use Melodyne 4. For mastering, I use Izotope Ozone 6.

My primary microphone is an AKG C214. I run Pro Tools on my iMac with a Scarlett 6i6 as my interface and KRK Rokit 5's as my studio monitors.

For arranging I use Noteflight Premium.