A Cappella Arranging, Production, Recording, and Engineering - All with a focus on a groups' unique talents and ideas - at an affordable cost

Professional production is the difference between a home recording and something you'd hear on the radio


Having top-notch arrangements is the foundation of any good group, both for live performance and studio albums




"David's extreme musicality is one of the biggest secrets to his amazing technicality. That musical touch on a project adds something that 100 years of technical training still couldn't achieve. And he has a pretty face." - Bill Hare, Grammy Award Winning A Cappella Engineer and Producer
"The imitation is impressive, but what makes this mashup so special is how seamlessly and effortlessly Fowler switches between the two songs. As a new, derivative work, it’s magic. ★★★★★" - RARB.org
"David’s phenomenal musicianship and a cappella knowledge allow him to create fantastic arrangements and produce breathtaking recordings. In addition to the sheer quality of his work, he’s an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. He’s professional, prompt, and ensured that he provided what we asked for." - Naked Voices, UCSB
"David Fowler makes creative, funky, and Innovative arrangements with a quick turn around!" - The Cat's Pajamas
"David was everything you'd want in a collaborator, arranger, and producer when he worked with our group. His flexibility, professionalism, capabilities, and high standard of quality were the primary reasons that our group was able to achieve its more professional-quality aspirations." - BFOM, UCSB
"David is an awesome musician and producer but most importantly, an awesome overall human being. Definitely work with him if you can!" - Backtrack
"So Handsome!" - Mom